About Us

Open since 1987, Nova Pastry & Bakery has established a wide-ranging reputation for quality, selection and value.  Our expert staff produce all of our baked goods on-site so that they're sold fresh in our own shop.

We specialize in Portuguese and other European bread and pastries.  But Nova is more than just a bakery.  We also carries groceries, deli meats, and frozen seafood, among other products. 

Come by and sit down for a coffee, pick up a loaf on your way home from work, or order your wedding cake for that special day. 

In the beginning

Our pedigree dates back to 1979, when brothers Helder and Ted first got into the business by taking over Napoli Bakery in Toronto's Little Italy. 

A few years later, in 1987, they saw the opportunity in Mississauga and bought McDougall's Bake shop, which comprised a small area of the current space that Nova occupies. 

Expansion and improvements followed.  Nova first added groceries, frozen foods and cheese to its product line up.  Then came several expansions of floor space and a redesign of the counter area.  Most recently, we've added a deli counter and a sitting area for customers to enjoy a coffee and "toste mista" (grilled ham and cheese sandwich). 

Don't miss our custom hand-painted mural on the wall by the coffee bar, showing a view of the green Portuguese countryside from "inside" Nova. 

In the media

In 2003, Nova was profiled in the RTPi television magazine series Canada Contacto, which is seen by satellite throughout the Portuguese-speaking world.